The Ceramic Gift That Keeps on Giving


Ok, so you’re giving a Kyocera Ceramic Knife Gift Set as a Holidays present.  Your giftee will feel honored and pleased because, in the natural foods world, there’s a lot of buzz and mystique about ceramic knives.

A ceramic knife is an affordable kitchen tool that allows for less strenuous food preparation, maximization of nutrients, and a lowered risk of food contamination. These are fantastic qualities for raw foods preparation.   Since the entire principle of the living foods lifestyle is based on the idea of eating close to nature in order to obtain optimal nutrition and energy from foods, a ceramic knife is a great way to approach gourmet preparation without chemically altering the ingredients.

But why should you have to remember every detail and fact about why ceramic kitchen knives are superior to stainless steel knives?  Just enlarge and print out the chart below and give it along with the knife gift set so that your friend or loved one can keep it for handy reference anytime he or she wants to share with a guest or visitor the unique advantages of this most durable of kitchen tools.

For your giftee, ceramic adds a bit of joy to the food chopping and some extra energy to culinary creations.

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