Kyocera Ceramic Knives Keep Flavors Where They Belong: In the Food

Kyocera Ceramic KnivesExperienced chefs know the importance of keeping the flavors and aromas in the foods they are preparing without transferring them onto one another during preparation. The particularly strong odors and tastes in cheese, cilantro, garlic, onions, chilies and other potent ingredients have a tendency to leave lingering traces on metal knives that require a thorough washing with soap and water. A chef needs to be in control of how flavors blend and develop to compliment one another without having the risk of their cutlery transferring unwanted smells or tastes from one ingredient to another.

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics makes knives out of highly dense compounds which keep flavors off the cutlery and in the food. A Kyocera chef’s knife is made up of hard material that is less porous and will prevent any lingering odors or tastes. While ingredients have a tendency to get trapped onto metal knives, Kyocera’s ceramic material leaves the delicate fragrance of raspberries in the cheesecake rather than the pungent odor of the savory onion tart served in the previous course.

A Kyocera chef’s knife is also easier to clean and more sanitary than standard metal knives. The ceramic compound used to make Kyocera cutlery is incredibly dense and less porous, keeping dirt and bacteria from sticking to the blade. A Kyocera ceramic knife needs only to be rinsed with water before moving from ingredient to ingredient while keeping flavors where they belong: in your food.

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