Spotlight on the Sashimi Knife

Kyotop Series Knives

Love fish? We hope you caught our last blog, where we shared our flavorful summer recipe for Herbed Stuffed Catfish. But we know not everyone begins to salivate at the word “fish.” Now, “sushi” and “sashimi”—that’s another matter, made possible by the steamrolling popularity of these Japanese dishes over the last two decades.

It seems everyone is “going for sushi” these days. But as sushi enthusiasts know, quality dishes can hit the wallet pretty hard. Making favorite Japanese dishes at home is a viable, money-saving option for home cooks who are serious about sashimi. Of course, since raw fish isn’t always the most willing participant, the right tools are important to make this happen successfully.

Kyocera’s premium cutlery line features stunning Damascus-look blades. These KYOTOP “HIP” (Hot Isostatic Pressed) blades are fired a second time under high pressure and temperature. This process increases the density of the advanced ceramic material, resulting in greater wear resistance.

The foundation of any aspiring sushi chef’s arsenal is a quality sashimi knife.

Ideal for slicing long pieces of fish, Kyocera’s KYOTOP Damascus sashimi knife is as beautiful as it is powerful.

As renowned chef Ming Tsai says, “The beauty of this knife is only surpassed by its unparalleled performance. And considering it will stay sharper than any other sashimi knife out there proves that beauty may be more than just skin deep.”

Styled after a traditional Japanese knife, Kyocera’s sashimi knife features an 8.25-inch blade with one single, razor-thin edge. This edge will thinly slice raw fish without any gouges or slice marks, which is what separates the sashimi knife from a double-edged Western knife.

And what separates Kyocera’s sashimi knife from a traditional steel knife: it’s made of durable and ultra-sharp advanced ceramic. This lightweight, ergonomically designed knife features a blade that will stay sharp ten times longer than steel and that is fifty percent harder—close in hardness to a diamond. As part of our KYOTOP Damascus premium cutlery line, the sashimi knife features a moisture-resistant Pakka wood handle and a stunning Damascus-look blade. Each blade is fired twice for unsurpassed density and wear resistance, and because the blade is ceramic, it won’t transfer flavors or odors.

Beauty and unsurpassed performance make the KYOTOP Damascus sashimi knife the ultimate knife for fish, for home cooks and sushi chefs alike!

For more information about the sashimi knife and other Kyocera favorites, visit our website.

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