Treat Your Kitchen to the Advantages of Advanced Ceramic

Kyocera Ceramic Knife

If you’ve already treated yourself to a set of Kyocera knives, you’ve no doubt reaped the benefits of easy-to-use, easy-to-clean advanced ceramic.  Your kitchen prep work—all the slicing, dicing, julienning, and even the cleaning—has become a snap!  You may even thank your knives when no one is looking.  But for those of you who may still be curious about how advanced ceramic can transform your kitchen, here are three reasons why Kyocera advanced ceramic has found its place in the utensil hall of fame.

The sharpest knife you’ll ever own. Well after even the finest professional knife has gone dull, a Kyocera advanced ceramic knife will showcase its superior edge retention.  We put our knives through rigorous testing, and found advanced ceramic will stay sharper up to ten times longer than high carbon steel.  Advanced ceramic is sharper than steel, but not all advanced ceramic is created equal.  Kyocera blades are denser and sharper than other brands’ blades, which is why Kyocera is the world’s most trusted brand of advanced ceramic knives.

The strongest knife nature can make. What does advanced ceramic have in common with a diamond?  They’re side by side on the hardness scale.  That’s because, like diamonds, the elements of ceramic form in nature over thousands of years of crystallization, intense temperatures, and unrelenting pressure.  These extreme forces work together to form an unrelenting ceramic that is 50 percent harder than steel and nearly as hard as a diamond.

The cleanest knife in your arsenal. Even the cleanest metal blades can transfer metal ions, odor, and bacteria to food.  They can even rust after repeated washings.  That will never happen with a Kyocera advanced ceramic blade.  Kyocera’s knives are chemically inert, meaning foods will always look and taste their best.  Advanced ceramic knives will never transfer bacteria, odor, or metal particles to food, nor will they brown foods.  The knives are also easy to clean and dishwasher safe, and they will never rust.  Advanced ceramic is far and away the cleanest and healthiest utensil in the kitchen.

Convinced Kyocera will be the sturdiest, cleanest, longest-lasting option for your kitchen cutlery?  If you’re ready to see why Kyocera advanced ceramic is the brand preferred by professional chefs and home cooks worldwide, visit our online store.  Take a look at our wide variety of knife styles, including our popular Revolution Series, our traditional Classic Series, and our cutting-edge KYOTOP Damascus Series.  We’re sure you’ll find a knife that makes your culinary life easier and looks good in your kitchen!

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