Coriander: An End-of-Summer Garden Favorite

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Saying a sad good-bye to your summer garden?  Put away the hanky.  Summer’s end is the perfect time to plant a flavorful favorite—coriander, also known as cilantro or Chinese parsley—to keep your garden going.

Coriander is one of the most useful herbs to grow at home, as every part of the plant is edible.  Most commonly eaten are the leaves, which pack a punch in salsas and chutneys.  Because heat diminishes the leaves’ flavor, coriander is commonly used raw or added to a dish just before serving.  Also common in cooking are the coriander fruits, or the small brown seeds found in the grocer’s spice aisle.  Coriander seeds can be used whole or crushed with a spice mill to add a spicy citrus touch to everything from sausages to pickling liquid—even certain beers.  Believe it or not, coriander roots are also edible, and their intense flavor is common in Asian cuisine.

Coriander is an amazingly versatile plant, but if you’ve tried to grow coriander at home, you may have been disappointed by the plant’s lifespan.  Particularly during the warm summer months, the plant can quickly bolt and go to seed, leaving you with a fistful of brown seeds instead of a zesty guacamole.  So how do you extend coriander’s life and make plenty of guac for family and friends?

For starters, plant coriander seeds just when summer ends, as temperatures begin to cool.  Better yet, to maintain a continuously available crop, plant successive batches every three weeks.  If you live in a warm climate, be sure to plant coriander in a cooler part of the garden, or even indoors in a windowsill.  Coriander hates the heat, so if the roots consistently reach 75°F, the plant will go to seed.  If those telltale flower heads crop up, indicating seeding will soon follow, snip off the flower heads to prolong leaf growth.  Despite your most faithful snipping, the plant will eventually bolt and seed, and that’s OK!  Collect any seeds to replant the next generation or to use in a delicious dish calling for fresh or whole coriander.

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