Ceramic Knives: The Kitchen Tools Chefs Won’t Live Without

Kyocera understands there are certain tools for the kitchen that are hard to live without whether you are a famous chef, culinary enthusiast or simply wanting to cook healthy meals for your family. For this reason, we have come up with a ceramic knife that makes preparing meals healthier, more economical and easy to clean with just a rinse.

Ceramic knives not only retain their sharp edge longer than knives made out of other materials, but they are also lightweight, comfortable to handle and non-corrosive. To make the Kyocera ceramic knife even more appealing to health conscious and discriminating tastes, ceramics do not transfer any flavors between ingredients and won’t trap dirt or bacteria onto the blade, making them the hygienic choice.

Perfect for fruits, vegetables and meats as well as foods with strong odors or other potent ingredients that tend to linger on traditional knives, the Kyocera ceramic knife will cut, slice, julienne, chop, and sliver—and do it all with micro-precision.

The Kyocera ceramic knife is made with hard materials at extremely high pressures, making it not only durable but also less porous than other knives. This results in the ceramic knife becoming less susceptible to unsanitary germs and unwanted residue sticking to the blade. It also makes clean up a snap by simply rinsing under clean running water.

Top Reasons for Choosing a Kyocera Ceramic Knife Over Traditional Stainless Steel

•    Health – The Kyocera ceramic knife is made out of extremely hard materials that are very dense and less porous the traditional stainless steel knife and will trap far less bacteria and unwanted germ on its blade.

•    Durability – The Kyocera ceramic knife is non-corrosive and is known to last up to ten times longer traditional stainless steel knives.

•    Precision – The Kyocera Knife is razor sharp and maintains its sharpness for much longer than traditional stainless steel knives.

Making food preparation healthier and easier is everybody’s first choice in the kitchen. Weather you are a chef, culinary enthusiast or preparing meals for your family, you won’t want to live without a Kyocera ceramic knife.

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