Kyocera Usage Fact Sheet

Q. What are ceramic knives generally used for?

A. These knives are perfect for general applications requiring superior edge retention or wear resistance. They are also ideal for special applications requiring chemically inert, non-magnetic, non-conductive, or non-contaminating materials.

Q. Will a ceramic knife break or shatter if I drop it?

A. No, with the possible exception of the tip. Made with ceramic powder that is baked at extremely high temperatures, it is much denser than regular ceramics, and will withstand a lot more pressure. Like a forged metal knife, if the knife lands on the tip, the tip will break. Fortunately, Kyocera will re-tip the knife free of charge if it does not show signs of abuse, as would usually be evident with prying. Also, if the edge is abused, as with chopping bone or other hard items, this and all other knives will nick.

Q. Can I chop or pry with these ceramic knives?

A. Your knife will work best as a slicing knife. When chopping with the Chef Knives, use the point as a pivot, always keeping part of the blade on the chopping surface. Avoid chopping as you might do with a cleaver. And, as with all knives, avoid prying.

Q. What cutting surfaces work best?

A. As with all knives, wood or polyethylene cutting boards are the best cutting surfaces. They will keep your knife sharper longer. Avoid marble, glass, stone, ceramic and other hard surfaces; they damage all knives.

Q. How do I clean my ceramic knives?

A. Clean with water and liquid dish detergent. A mild cleanser (like Barkeepers Friend) will remove any discoloration not removed by normal washing.

Q. Can I clean my Kyocera knives in the dishwasher?

A. We do not recommend cleaning them in a dishwasher. Violent motion against other objects, especially hard plates, could chip the objects and also the knife itself. Dishwashers ruin wood objects, and the Kyocera knives we offer have beautiful wood handles that will last a lifetime with proper care. And because the knives are so sharp, it could be dangerous if someone carelessly reaches in the dishwasher without noticing the knife.

Q. How do I store my ceramic knives?

A. The box they come in provide safe storage. You can also store them in a knife block, or plastic sheaths if you choose to store them in a drawer.

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