Ceramic Knives and Odors

I came back from the market yesterday and was so excited to try out my new ceramic kitchen knife. On the dinner menu was steak with garlic potatoes. Potatoes are always fun to cut so I made sure that was on the menu. It’s also a good test of how sharp and well the knife handles.

I went straight for the potatoes. After a good rinse, I started dicing. Wow…I was impressed! The knife glides so easily through the potatoes with minimal effort. Each slice and dice was so precise. The potatoes also didn’t stick to the blade like they usually do with metal knives, which used to be such a nuisance. My prep time was decreased simply because I didn’t have to release each slice off the blade after each cut. It was such a pleasure to use… I wish I had bought more potatoes!

Now on to the garlic…my least favorite thing to chop. The cloves are small and they stink up my hands for days. I usually start by smashing the cloves with a metal knife but since I wasn’t sure of the durability of ceramic knives, I skipped this step and peeled the paper off the cloves. Chopping it was actually kinda fun. I was able to make very thin slices, then julienne, then chop. It was great! Just like the potatoes, every cut was so precise. This thing is razor sharp…I could feel it going into the cutting board. I had to remind myself that no pressure was needed.

According to Kyocera’s website, “Kyocera advanced ceramic knives are chemically inert so foods look and taste the way they should. The smooth, polished surface resists germs and is impervious to acids, oils and salts.” I had to put it to the test and what better way than with garlic. I just gave the knife a rinse, didn’t use detergent or anything, dried it off and took a good smell of the blade. They really do live up to their claim. No trace of garlic odor was left behind. But I will put the knife to the ultimate test at a later time.

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