Cutting Paper Thin Tomato Slices

I’m putting my ceramic knife to the ultimate test today. Tomatoes! I’m making sandwiches for lunch today so I thought it’d be a good chance to test out my knife on the notoriously hard-to-slice tomatoes. A sharp blade is always a necessity, otherwise, you’ll end up with a chopping board full of ketchup or thick uneven slices. I imagine ceramic knives would succeed in doing the job but I wanted to check just to be sure.

Ceramic knives are supposed to excelled at slicing tomatoes, this was no exception. Perfectly even slices…they almost look too good to eat! I barely needed to put any pressure on the knife at all. It did all the work. Even the tough skin was not enough to keep the knife from going through. The first incision is always the hardest but there was no resistance whatsoever as the blade sliced through the tough skin.

I usually like my tomatoes pretty thin but I can rarely get them thin enough. With the ceramic knife, I can get them as thin as I want. Just for fun, I tried to make them paper thin (as shown in the picture). Take a look at that! Isn’t that amazing?

OK, I’m convinced…I’m sold! There’s no way I’m ever letting go of this knife. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made to date. Now I’m wondering what took me so long to get this knife. Ahh, I remember…the price. Ceramic knives do come with a hefty price tag but it is certainly well worth every penny.

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