Kyocera Ceramic Knives

Kyocera ceramic knives are extremely hard (8.2 on the Mohs hardness scale, vs. steel at 5-6 Mohs, and diamond at 10 Mohs), wear resistant, and chemically inert.

The base material, zirconium oxide, was originally developed in industrial applications where hardness, wear resistance and non-reactivity are necessary, and metal components don’t quite reach such standards.

The knives are made by bonding the minute zirconium particles with heat in a process called sintering. Compared to other ceramic knives, Kyocera’s are made with submicron size powder, whose density is higher, resulting in a harder blade.

The exceptional hardness of the blade makes the edge superbly sharp. Normal use is for straight cuts; unlike the less-sharp, softer steel knives, they do not bend.

These chemically inert blades provide a viable alternative for use by people with certain allergies to alloys in metal knives. Great for boaters, and seaside homes, as they do not rust.

Under normal household circumstances, your Kyocera may take 3-5 years or more before it needs sharpening. It won’t stain, and it is guaranteed for 5 years.

With the possible exception of the tip, your ceramic knife will not break or shatter if dropped. And most damaged tips can be repaired under the 5-year warranty.

Feathered edge of Kyocera knives makes them as sharp as a razor blade.

The tang extends well into the handle to create a strong connection.

A counter weight is added to the wood handle of all but the paring knife, for better balance.

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