Kyocera KC-130-WH Knife Review

The ceramic knife I tested, and ended up buying was the Kyocera Classic Series 6 inch (model #KC-130-WH). The WH stands for ‘wooden handle’. There is a plastic handle version as well, but the wooden handle feels a lot better in build quality. I’ve always heard Kyocera was the leading manufacturer of this product, and after using it, I can see why. Here is my full review of this knife.


Blade material: Zirconium Oxide

Handle Material: Polypropylene Resin

Size: 6-in.

Weight: 8.8 ounces

Origin: Japan

Cleaning & Care: Hand wash with mild dish soap


This Kyocera ceramic knife was one of the sharpest knives I’ve ever used. Sharper than any other metal knife I’ve owned, even right after it’s been professionally sharpened. The sharpness allowed me to slice and dice things very thinly and cleanly. A lot thinner than I could have with a metal knife.

At less than 9 ounces, the knife was very light weight, even with the wooden handle. The weight, along with it’s sharpness allowed me to do a lot of prep work without my arm getting tired. However, I found the weight didn’t give me the leverage I wanted when cutting some items, such as cabbage heads. Keeping in mind that this is a ceramic knife, I couldn’t use for everything.

Any chopping or de-boning I did had to be done with a traditional metal knife. That was sometimes a nuisance, but over all, not too much of a pain. I tested several of the claims that Kyocera puts on this knife. The knife did pass every test with flying colors. See my 30 Day Test for all the details. The one test the still amazes me is the apple test. Kyocera claims that due to it’s inert properties, and sharpness, fruits and veggies cut with their knives won’t turn brown as fast. I tried it with apples and sure enough, it passed. I hear lettuce is also a good test. I might have to make myself a salad tonight.


After 30 days of daily use, I have to say, the knife is still razor sharp. It feels like the day I picked it up. Not dull, no rust and no stains. There is however a tiny chip near the heel of the blade. My lovely husband used it on a dinner plate! It left a tiny chip, that really isn’t noticeable until you look closely at it. Call me crazy, but I’m kind of glad it happened. Kyocera has free lifetime blade sharpening for situations like this. Now is the perfect time to test their promise. I will be mailing my knife out soon to get the chip removed. I will keep everyone here posted on how long it takes to get it back, and how sharp it is when I receive it. Stay tuned.


The Kyocera Classic Series 6 inch KC130WH is a great knife. I would highly recommend it to anyone who already owns a decent chef’s knife. If you think a ceramic knife is all you need in the kitchen, you’ll soon find out otherwise. If you already have a chef’s knife, this Kyocera ceramic knife makes a great sidekick to your kitchen cutlery set. If you are looking for an all in one knife that will do everything, invest in a good chef’s knife first.

Amazon sells it for $15 less than I bought it for, with free shipping and no sales tax. :( I guess that’s what I get for impulse shopping. I still have no regrets, this is a great knife.

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