Ming Tsai’s Kyocera Ceramic Knife Review

I found a good review on YouTube given by the biggest advocate of ceramic knives I know…Ming Tsai. He talks about his two favorite Kyocera ceramic knives. One of them being the newer and longer 7″ Chef’s Knife (model #FK-180). Previously, the longest knife Kyocera produced was 6 inches (which is what I have). They now make them one inch longer and it retails for $99.95…$30 cheaper than the retail price of my model. I would consider trading mine in for a longer knife and a $30 savings but personally, I like the look and feel of wooden handles. The handle on the FK-180 is made of resin which, I feel, lessens the quality a bit.

The second knife Ming mentions is the Sashimi Knife (model #KT-200-HIP-D) with an 8.25″ blade. It’s absolutely beautiful but it retails for $399.95! Pretty hefty for an average home cook if you ask me. You have to be serious about sushi to buy this knife. Hmmm…I might have to try cutting some sashimi with my chef’s knife just to see how well it does.

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