Knives That Stay Sharper Longer

In a previous blog, we told you all about the advantages of bringing Kyocera advanced ceramics into your kitchen. Kyocera knives are stronger, sharper, and stay sharper longer than their metal counterparts, up to ten times longer! But as with any knife, repeated use will eventually place wear on the cutting edge. You may notice this wear as micro-nicks, and this is the normal process of dulling any hard material blade. Even with micro-nicks, your blade will continue to perform very well! But here’s what you can do should your Kyocera advanced ceramic knife no longer perform to your liking.

Kyocera offers a complimentary resharpening service for all of our advanced ceramic cutlery. Kyocera advanced ceramic knives are so tough, they require diamond wheels to sharpen them, so please don’t try to sharpen your knives at home. Our special sharpening process will reestablish a new sharp edge. Larger chips and broken tips can often be corrected by sharpening as well. And because buying a Kyocera knife is buying for life, if we can’t fix chips or damage to your knife, we’ll replace your knife at no additional cost.

Long-time Kyocera users love how our resharpening service returns their knives looking nearly new:

“I love my ceramic knife. I bought it about 5 years ago. So different from a metal knife—so sharp and lightweight! When I saw I could get it resharpened, I sent it in. My knife came back beautifully reshaped and super sharp. No other company that I know of offers your resharpening service. Thank you.” –D.G., Enola, PA

“Beyond expectations. Two paring knives were sharpened and reshaped. The beauty of Kyocera knives brings me into a deeper, more enjoyable relationship with food preparation. Thank you so much for the excellent sharpening service.” –Sherry Louck, Santa Fe, NM

“Your customer service folks are always super knowledgeable and friendly. I have had my knife for almost 5 years and it is still as sharp as the first use! Thank you.” –Kelly Jones, Arden, NC

Buy a knife for life with Kyocera! From our most popular Revolution Series knives to our uniquely stylish KYOTOP Damascus Series, we have a cutlery set to suit your lifestyle and your kitchen. For more information about Kyocera cutlery and kitchen tools, visit our website.

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