Stay Refreshed With Summer Nutrition Tips

Are you planning to spend more time outdoors this summer?  As temperatures rise and days lengthen, people flock to beaches, parks, and backyard barbecues.  That means lots of activities under the ultra-hot summer sun!

As the weather changes, many people overlook the body’s changing nutritional needs in warmer temperatures.  Don’t be left sweating—check out Kyocera’s tips on how you can beat the heat and feel your best this summer.

  1. Water, water, everywhere! Many of us know the human body is mostly water, so it’s a critical building block to staying healthy.  The warm summer sun, especially for active people, can deplete water levels faster through sweat.  Not only can hair and skin dry out, but dehydration can become a real threat without proper water intake.  Now, more than ever, it’s important to get the recommended eight glasses per day.
  2. Watch the caffeine. When the weather heats up, who doesn’t love a frosty soda, iced coffee, or iced tea?  And what do these beverages have in common?  Caffeine: a diuretic that causes the body to lose water faster.  Unless you stick to the decaf variety, drinking large quantities of caffeinated beverages can negate the helpful effects of all that water you drank in Item 1.
  3. Hold the dressing. Green salads are a simple and refreshing source of nutrients for the warm summer months.  Slathering on the wrong salad dressing can turn this innocuous dish into a fat- and calorie-packed nightmare.  Pay close attention to the type and quantity of dressing you use.  Mayo-based dressings should be used in moderation, with olive oil–based dressing serving a healthier alternative.
  4. Try an alternative to ice cream. Ice cream cones from the corner store can conjure happy childhood memories—and can also pack on the pounds.  Instead of this high-sugar, high-fat food, try substituting an equally refreshing cool treat.  Smoothies, sorbet, frozen juice drinks, and homemade popsicles offer low-sugar, low-calorie alternatives to a bowl of ice cream, while satisfying the craving.
  5. Get plenty of potassium. As you play hard and sweat, potassium helps keep your electrolytes in check and prevent muscle cramps.  You can pack plenty of potassium into a smoothie, with potassium-rich foods like cantaloupe, banana, kiwi, and yogurt.  You could also try a spinach salad with avocado—both great sources of potassium.  Be creative and put your Kyocera advanced ceramic knives to good use this summer!


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