Get Ready to Carve the Turkey

Save your fingers- Put down the electric knife!

As your family gets closer to carving the bird this Thanksgiving, have you considered which knife is best for the job? The turkey is the cornerstone of any Thanksgiving feast, so you’ll want to use the right tool to create beautifully carved slices. Many families faithfully turn to an electric knife to carve their holiday turkey. However, for many of those families, Thanksgiving is the only time their electric knife sees action. Inexperienced hands can yield disastrous results, such as a hacked-up carcass better suited for Halloween!

Simply put, an electric knife is a power tool. Functioning much like a small chainsaw, the knife’s motor propels two serrated blades back and forth. When the blades alternate positions, one moving forward and the other moving backward, they create a balance in the knife that makes it easy to handle. Unlike conventional knives, electric knife blades rarely need sharpening.

However, electric knives have limitations that conventional knives do not. First, since an electric knife is a power tool, it is extremely noisy and can disturb the mood at an intimate family dinner. The electric knife also depends on motorized parts and sometimes requires an electrical outlet, so it is subject to reliability issues. Any food that gets stuck in the body of the knife can create unsanitary conditions and make cleaning difficult. Many electric knives also have a power button that must be continuously depressed to operate the knife, which can strain the hand during prolonged cutting. Some models have a single-press power button, but this can compromise safety.

The most important limitation of electric knives: the blades. Blades lengths are typically 6–9 inches and may not meet the needs of all cutting projects. The longer blades, in particular, may be prone to bending and flexing, which can make the knife difficult to control. Small pieces of meat can also wedge between the two blades to create messy cuts. When you spend all day prepping and cooking your Thanksgiving feast, why trust your turkey to a knife you only use once a year?

Kyocera's 6-inch Chef's Knife

A well-sharpened ceramic knife, like Kyocera’s Classic Series 6-inch chef’s knife, is all you need to carve a crowd-pleasing turkey dinner—and this multipurpose knife is perfect for kitchen projects all year long. Kyocera’s ceramic knives are celebrated for their lasting sharpness, because the micro-grain ceramic creates a denser knife with a sharper cutting edge. Plus, Kyocera ceramic knives are 50-percent harder than steel blades. Unlike an unwieldy electric knife, Kyocera’s chef’s knife is also known for its lightness and ease of use, which helps retain balance and reduce muscle fatigue with prolonged slicing. Kyocera knives are also sanitary and easy to clean! Ceramic blades won’t rust like electric knife blades can. They are also nonstick and less porous, which means metal ions, dirt, and bacteria won’t be transferred to food—and no more worrying about stuck-on food particles. This Thanksgiving, why not banish that electric knife back to the cupboard and try out a safe, durable knife you can stand by all year long? For perfect slices every time, view Kyocera’s complete line of cutlery at our website.

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