Have You Seen Kyocera’s Kitchen Tools?


You might already know about Kyocera’s revolutionary advanced ceramic cutlery, and how it can help pros and home chefs slice, dice, and mince their way to culinary perfection. But did you know about our complementary line of advanced ceramic kitchen tools? Like their cutlery counterparts, each Kyocera kitchen tool features the strength and durability of advanced ceramic. Advanced ceramic blades stay sharp ten times longer than metal blades, and won’t discolor foods or transfer odors. For years to come, Kyocera can keep your meals looking and tasting their best.

To see how Kyocera can breathe new life into your kitchen, take a look at some of our most popular kitchen tools:

Grinders and Mills

The Everything Mill Adjustable Grinder outshines other mills in performance, lifespan, and versatility. The grinding mechanism is made from advanced ceramic, durable and as hard as a diamond, which means the mechanism will never rust and will never fall victim to the metal-on-metal grinding that wears down traditional mills. An adjustable dial provides the perfect grind every time, from fine to coarse. The mill’s upright design also keeps residual grinds off tabletops and counters, so you’ll do less cleaning. Sea salt, rock salt, wet salt, peppercorns, and seeds are no match for this grinding workhorse! And for a tabletop version that consistently provides finely ground salt, pepper, and seeds, try the Ceramic Fine Grinder.


Kyocera’s Adjustable Slicer is a consistent best seller in our online store, and it’s easy to see why. From thick to thin cuts, the adjustable slicer’s ceramic blade produces perfect slices every time, thanks to an easy-to-use turn dial and four different settings. There are no blades to switch out, so fingers are kept safe from nicks and cuts. The hand guard adds an extra measure of safety and securely holds foods against the cutting surface. It’s our most versatile slicer available. We also offer specialty slicers, such as the Julienne Mandoline Slicer, ideal for quickly and easily julienning carrots, potatoes, and zucchini, and the Double-Edged Mandoline Slicer, great for providing high-volume slices.


Another consistent top seller is Kyocera’s Perfect Peeler, which is like having three advanced ceramic peelers in one! The Perfect Peeler rotates to vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree positions, and fits right- or left-handed individuals. The ergonomic, nonslip handle and ultra-sharp ceramic blade make this multipurpose peeler a safe and easy-to-use addition to any kitchen. For other peeling preferences, we offer the extra-wide MEGA Peeler, perfect for slicing through thick rinds, such as papaya, jicama, melons, and root vegetables. It can also shred cabbage and shave chocolate and hard cheeses. And for a more traditional approach to peeling, the horizontal Ceramic Y-Peeler and The Everything Peeler make peeling a breeze with their advanced ceramic blades.

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