Stop Wasting Food—Freeze It!

It’s a shame to throw hard-grown food—and hard-earned cash—in the trash, but even the most frugal home has food waste.  Studies have shown that 12 percent of food bought for the home is thrown out, and up to 25 percent of all edible food in the United States eventually goes to waste.  If each home did its part to reduce food waste, the food supply and those hard-earned dollars could stretch even farther!

In the spirit of Frozen Food Month, Kyocera brings you this handy list of five common foods you didn’t know you could freeze.  Freezing foods is a great way to keep common foods on hand at all times.  It also allows you to save money by buying in bulk.

Bread: 3 months

Unless you make daily PB&Js for the little ones, chances are you have trouble finishing a loaf before it goes bad.  Frozen bread slices can be transferred directly to a toaster or can be quickly defrosted for a sandwich.

Herbs: 6 months

Bunches of fresh, leafy herbs like basil, cilantro, and parsley go to waste after the salsa or pesto is finished.  Save the rest of the herbs by chopping them with your Kyocera Santoku knife and placing them in an ice cube tray with a little water.  When frozen, transfer the cubes to freezer bags until you’re ready to use them.

Milk: 3 months

We know what you’re thinking—frozen milk? But yes, milk freezes well in an airtight container, and then should be thawed in the refrigerator and stirred before using.  This is a great fix for when the milk has run out and you’re dying for a morning cup of java.

Eggs: 12 months

The kicker is, you’ll have to crack them first, so no freezing them inside their shells!  Mix eggs with a touch of salt (or sugar, if you’ll use them for baking) and freeze them in freezer bags or airtight containers.

Tomato Paste: 3 months

Nobody ever uses an entire can of tomato paste before it turns into a moldy mess.  Spoon tablespoons of leftover paste on to a cookie sheet or into an ice cube tray and freeze.  The frozen paste will keep great in freezer bags until your next Italian masterpiece!

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