The Fine Art of Slicing a Strawberry

Beautifully-sliced Strawberries

With all of the fabulous deals on strawberries this season, it is hard to resist picking up these luscious little berries and enjoying them in homemade pies, cheesecakes, jams, summertime smoothies—or simply dipped in freshly whipped cream and dusted with light brown sugar.

There are an endless number of tempting choices to pick from when preparing the tart-yet-sweet bounty of Mother Nature’s juicy red package; but adequately slicing them to accent their full deliciousness and provide them with a picturesque presentation has evolved into a fine art.

The Fine Art of Slicing a Strawberry:

•    Use a stain-resistant chopping block or cutting board to avoid any evidence that the actual act of “strawberry slicing” involved mere mortal preparation.
•    Use a lightweight but extremely sharp knife (preferably made from Kyocera ceramic, the chosen tool of the true fruit slicing auteur) for precision slicing.
•    Slice the stemmed greenery off by first placing the fruit onto the cutting board (the freehand technique with blade poised towards the thumb has resulted in many needless slicing-related injuries).
•    Slice the meat of the fruit into thin fan-like segments to unmistakably showcase the ethereal pattern of a perfectly ripe strawberry.

There is a sensual quality inherent in the compact little strawberry that allows it to boldly stand out amongst all the other envious fruit. Strawberries are among the prettiest of earthly fare and, combined with their ability to explode in juicy little bursts, they seem to beg for all of their culinary talents to be explored.

The fact that there are so many ways to enjoy strawberries makes them the most exciting ingredient for confectionary concoctions of every kind. From the intoxicating temptations of the margarita to delicate texture of a custard tartlet, the popular strawberry always plays the leading role.

There may be no effort required when eating the mouth watering strawberry; but there is definitely a fine art to slicing them!

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