Carving the Perfect Turkey, Ceramic Style

Kyocera's Ceramic Chef's Knife

Whether you fear carving the turkey or look forward to it all year, this Thanksgiving, Kyocera’s ceramic chef’s knife will help you create professional-looking turkey slices without the pain of an electric knife.  It’s most important that a carving knife remain sharp, and Kyocera’s ceramic knives are celebrated for their lasting sharpness—ten times longer than stainless steel blades.  You won’t need to alternate carving a slice and sharpening your knife!  And because it’s ceramic, Kyocera’s chef’s knife presents a healthy alternative to an electric knife or a stainless steel blade.  Ceramic blades won’t transfer metal ions, dirt, or bacteria to food, so all you get is that great turkey flavor without the worry of transferring bacteria.  This year, follow Kyocera through these six easy steps to carving the perfect turkey.

Carve Your Turkey Like a Pro

1. Don’t forget to let your turkey rest at least 20 minutes before carving!  Resting lets the juices redistribute throughout the bird rather than gushing out at first slice, creating juicier meat.

2. Transfer the turkey to a carving board and remove any trussing and stuffing.

3. Use the tip of the Kyocera chef’s knife to locate and cut through the drumstick (leg) joint.  Repeat with the second drumstick.

4. Starting from the neck end of the bird, thinly slice the breast meat from one side of the breast.  Then slice the meat from the other breast.  If you can leave small strip of skin on each slice, it will give the slices a more attractive, professional appearance.

5. Again, use the tip of the knife to locate and cut through each thigh joint, leaving the skin on the meat.  Do the same for the wings.

6. Transfer sliced meat to a decorative platter and serve.

Thanksgiving turkey makes for versatile leftovers, including sandwiches, soups, and salads, so you’ll want to properly package any remaining meat.  After dinner, slice the remaining meat off the bird.  (Refrigerating meat on the carcass can promote the growth of harmful bacteria.)  Within two hours of cooking, refrigerate sliced meat in airtight containers or wrap tightly with aluminum foil or plastic wrap.  Sliced meat will keep safely in the refrigerator for 3–4 days.  Sliced meat can also be packed in sealed containers or freezer bags and frozen for 2–3 months.

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