Celebrate National White Chocolate Day September 22

White Chocolate 92211

Attention, chocolate lovers!  Did you know September 22 is National White Chocolate Day?  What better excuse to indulge in this creamy treat?

When white chocolate bars first debuted in 1930, chocophiles knew it was no ordinary chocolate.  And they were right, because for many years, white chocolate was not considered chocolate at all!  Traditional chocolate is made with cocoa solids, which account for its distinctive brown color, whereas white chocolate is made with pale cocoa butter.  Because white chocolate lacks cocoa solids, it falls short of traditional chocolate’s antioxidant properties, but on the flip side, white chocolate contains only trace amounts of caffeine.  Long the chocolate family’s black sheep, white chocolate was officially accepted into the club in 2004, when the FDA relaxed its definition of chocolate.

Why not pick up a bar to celebrate with these easy and delicious white chocolate snacks:

  • White chocolate–covered pretzel
  • Hot chocolate
  • Frozen white chocolate–covered bananas
  • White chocolate milkshake
  • Trail mix
  • White chocolate–drizzled popcorn

To make the most of these chocolaty snacks, prepare them with the right kitchen tool.  Don’t struggle with a knife that can slip!  Instead, choose Kyocera’s MEGA Peeler, perfect for those tough shaving, shredding, and peeling jobs.  The extra-wide MEGA Peeler will make quick work of a white chocolate bar, creating shavings perfect for trail mix, hot chocolate, or decorative pie toppings.  The MEGA Peeler is also great for slicing through thick rinds, such as papaya, jicama, melons, and root vegetables, and can also shred cabbage and shave hard cheeses.  The ergonomic, nonslip handle and ultra-sharp ceramic blade make this multipurpose peeler a safe and easy-to-use addition to any kitchen.

Ready to get started on these delicious chocolate treats?  Visit Kyocera’s online store to see the MEGA Peeler and other fine advanced-ceramic cutlery and kitchen tools in action.

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