How to Use and Care for Your Kyocera Knives

Kyocera Cutlery

So you’ve heard the buzz and you’re thinking about upgrading your cutlery to Kyocera advanced ceramic.  That’s a smart choice!  With knives 50 percent harder than steel that will stay sharp ten times longer, Kyocera will shine in your kitchen again and again.  Plus your food will be healthier, taste fresher, and more vibrant than ever.  That’s because unlike metal, advanced ceramic won’t transfer bacteria, odors, or metal ions that can brown foods.

You know the many benefits of advanced ceramic, but you might have some lingering questions, like, “What are these knives good for?” and “How do you care for them?”  We’re here with answers to your most pressing questions!

USE: Kyocera knives are ideal for cutting fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats.  They’re not just perfect for cutting—slicing, dicing, and mincing will become the easiest they’ve ever been, with unparalleled blade sharpness, edge retention, and the comfort of ergonomic handles.  Prep work has never been so quick and easy.  Check out our glossary to see which Kyocera knife is best for which job!

Kyocera knives are amazing for many tasks, but you’ll want to hang on to your favorite conventional knife to carve, pry, bone, and to cut cheeses and frozen foods.  Those tasks require greater blade flexibility than the denseness of advanced ceramic.  Similarly, the flat side of advanced ceramic blades should not be used to crush garlic or other items.

CARE AND STORAGE: Advanced ceramic knives are easy to clean!  They’re dishwasher safe, but for best results, we recommend washing by hand with water and dish soap.  That way, blades will be protected from items that could collide against them in the dishwasher.  When not in use, store blades in a drawer or knife block (sharp side up).

WEAR: Although Kyocera blades stay sharp ten times longer than steel, all knives wear in time.  As with any hard material blade, a Kyocera advanced ceramic knife will develop micro-nicks that will slowly dull the blade.  But don’t worry—the blade will continue to perform very well!  When the blade stops performing to your liking, you can take advantage of Kyocera’s free resharpening service, which can restore a sharp edge and also correct larger chips and broken tips.

By following our care and use guide, you’ll quickly see that an investment in Kyocera is an investment in culinary enjoyment for years to come.  When you’re ready to see for yourself what makes Kyocera cutlery so great, visit our online store!

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