Kyocera Advanced Ceramics: Superior Craftsmanship in Action

The makers of Kyocera cutlery realized that by using ceramic material they would be able to produce a far superior line of kitchen tools. The Kyocera Chef’s Knife, Kyocera Grater, Kyocera Slicer and Kyocera Perfect Peeler are all part of their line of cutlery manufactured with ceramic blades that never rust or change from their natural pure state.

Ceramics are made up of crystals of aluminum oxides which produce material that is so dense the only harder material is diamond. Ceramic is also chemically inert which makes it impervious to the elements.

For these reasons scientists, doctors and engineers use ceramics where it requires a material that can stand up to extreme applications such as bone replacements, space shuttles, formula one race cars and other products exposed to friction and high temperatures. They are also the reasons Kyocera chose to use ceramics in their line of cutlery and kitchen tools.

The origins of the Kyocera brands began in Kyoto Japan in 1959, when they began manufacturing products using ceramics. The combination of two words Kyoto + Ceramics make the brand name Kyocera (Kyo-cera).

Kyocera Advanced Ceramics are resistant to metal ions and will not erode from exposure to acids, juices, oils and salts. Their unique ceramic blades do not transfers contaminates or bacteria to the ingredients they come in contact with; which means they will not alter odors, tastes or the appearance of food. However it is the Kyocera craftsmanship that really makes their ceramics extraordinary.

How Kyocera produces their advanced ceramics:

Ceramic material is made into a fine micro-grain powder before it is:

  • Pressed at 300 tons of pressure.
  • Molded into knife molds.
  • Fired at excess of 1,000 degrees.
  • Polished with green carbide blocks.
  • Ground on diamond belt to smooth out all edges.
  • Laser marked with Kyocera logo.
  • Ground again for secondary edge on a diamond belt to create consistent angles.
  • Honed on a diamond wheel to round out tip and base for safety.
  • Buffed for ultimate sharpness.

The result is a line of superior crafted kitchen tools with beautifully ground, razor sharp blades that have finer edge retention, chemical purity and are long lasting. Kyocera cutlery is also lightweight, making it ideal for perfectly balancing in the palm of your hand.

Enjoy the ceramic advantage and superior craftsmanship that is uniquely Kyocera.

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