The Perfect Peeler: For More Than Just Potatoes!

If you’re a culinary enthusiast, chances are you already know about Kyocera’s amazing line of advanced ceramic cutlery.  But did you know about our equally amazing line of ceramic peelers?  Like our cutlery, our peelers are made with the strongest ceramic blades, which will stay sharp ten times longer than traditional metal blades and will never pit, rust, or corrode.  All of our peelers are also dishwasher safe.

Peelers can do so much more than peel vegetables!  In addition to conventional uses, such as peeling potatoes, apples, and carrots, or removing the strings from celery, did you know our peelers can also:

  • Shave chocolate and hard cheeses
  • Zest citrus fruits
  • Shave frozen butter into decorative ribbons or to quickly defrost it for a recipe
  • Thinly slice vegetables, such as cucumbers, potatoes, and garlic
  • Refresh scented bar soap by peeling a small strip from the underside

Get the most out of your peeler by choosing Kyocera advanced ceramics.  Our peelers’ long-lasting, ultra-sharp ceramic blades will keep you peeling, shaving, and zesting for years to come!  Choose one of our four handy peelers designed to meet the needs of any chef:

Our best-selling Perfect Peeler is great for most peeling tasks, thanks to its versatility.  It’s three peelers in one!  The Perfect Peeler function as a right- or left-handed peeler and its ergonomic, nonslip handle keeps it firmly in the smallest or largest of hands.  The Perfect Peeler also adjusts blade angle to vertical, horizontal, and 45-degree positions to ensure an optimum cutting angle each time.

The Everything Peeler and Ceramic Y-Peeler are simple but effective tools perfect for everyday peeling tasks.  The Everything Peeler features a traditional upright design that will peel everything from carrots, tomatoes, and cheese, and is also great for creating french-cut green beans.  The Ceramic Y-Peeler puts a spin on the classic peeler design with its horizontal style. Use this peeler’s two eye corers to remove imperfections from fruits and vegetables.  The Ceramic Y-Peeler also features a comfortable handle to complement the Revolution Series of cutlery.

Finally, we’d like to introduce our peeling workhorse: the MEGA-Peeler.  The MEGA-Peeler’s extra-wide ceramic blade cuts through even the toughest peeling jobs.  Thick rinds like papaya, jicama, melons, and root vegetables are no match for this heavy-duty peeler!  It can even shred cabbage and shave chocolate and hard cheeses.

Which of Kyocera’s versatile peelers is the right choice for your kitchen?  Visit our online store to find out!

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