Wake Up to the Smell of Freshly Ground Coffee with the Kyocera Grinder

Kyocera Ceramic Coffee GrinderWaking up is easy with the temptingly rich aroma of freshly ground coffee. Smelling that first batch of eye opening java in the morning makes grinding and brewing coffee from fresh beans well worth the extra effort. The Kyocera grinder is the perfect way to turn all wonderful choices of gourmet coffee beans into the perfect pot of coffee every time.

Kyocera Ceramic Coffee Grinder (CM-50 CF) features a ceramic grinding mechanism that cleans up so thoroughly that there are never any residual tastes of stale coffee or anything else left behind to spoil the distinguished flavors of freshly ground coffee beans.

The Kyocera grinder features an advanced ceramic design that won’t rust and cleans with a simple rinse of running water. It also adjusts to accommodate grind consistency, allowing for fine to course grounds depending on your preference. The handy silicone base grasps firmly to any countertop surface and ensures non-slip stability. The glass dispenser is dishwasher safe and suitable for every kind of coffee and tea.

The Kyocera grinder is also ideal for grinding your favorite spices or seeds, including peppercorns, sea salts, nutmeg, sesame seeds and much more.

Within minutes you can enjoy freshly ground coffee, teas or exotic spices that will enhance any dish.

Treat your family or guest to freshly brewed gourmet coffee or teas with the easy-to-use Kyocera grinder and wake up every morning to the smell of full-bodied flavor.

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