Kyocera’s Ceramic Knives

By Audrey van Petegem

A girlfriend of mine, Isabel, is having a major love-affair with a knife. Not just any knife but a Kyocera Ceramic Knife (Yes, THAT Kyocera, the makers of cell phones and printers, among other things…). Isabel was enjoying her knife so much that she bought one for each of her girlfriends! I can see why she is so enthralled. I first used my Kyocera knife at our monthly Dinner Club gathering which was hosted at our house this time.  Although the food was amazing, I must say the focus was really on this knife. It is hard to believe that an inanimate – though sharp – object can stir such excitement!

This month’s Dinner Club theme was Japanese cuisine, so there was a lot of chopping and dicing. My husband is a bit of a knife snob and usually rolls his eyes in my direction as he sharpens our knives, letting me know, not so subtlety, that I am quite the dilettante to be cutting anything without sharpening the knife first… Well, the knife snob could not believe how well this knife cut the raw fish for sashimi. He was also impressed to know that these Ceramic knives stay sharp 10 times longer than steel blades. That certainly fixed the eye rolling problem.

The knives are extremely light weight and because of the advanced ceramic material they do not absorb any food elements, so a quick rinse and wipe is all that is needed to clean them.

I am sold – hook, line and sinker! I am now looking at the whole line of Kyocera kitchen utensils which also includes peelers and mandolin slicers.

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