Season’s Giftings from Kyocera: Gift Guide #3

Our first gift guide showcased Oprah’s favorite two-piece Santoku knife and paring knife set, and our second gift guide featured the two-piece utility knife and peeler set—all from Kyocera’s popular Revolution series. Today, we introduce the stunning Damascus series of ceramic knives—a must-have for the discriminating cutlery lover.

Kyocera’s Damascus series combines the hygienic toughness of ceramic with the beauty of ancient Damascus steel blades. Unlike those ancient blades, Kyocera knives are close in hardness to a diamond and stay sharp ten times longer than stainless steel. Kyocera’s Damascus series features “HIP” (hot isostatic pressed) blades fired a second time at a higher temperature and pressure, providing greater resistance to wear. Because they’re ceramic, Kyocera knives won’t brown foods, won’t transfer a metallic taste or odor, and won’t transfer dirt or bacteria to foods, and these knives will never rust! Kyocera’s premium Damascus series is available in six popular knife styles: paring, utility, slicing, Santoku, chef’s, and sashimi.

Kyocera’s Damascus blades stand alone for their strength and beauty, but the handles add the perfect complement. Made of durable PakkaWood, which combines the beauty of hardwood with the strength and performance benefits of plastic, the knife handles are extra secure, since they are riveted in three places. PakkaWood also resists moisture. Such unique handles help make the Damascus series Kyocera’s most attractive knife set.

For the pocket knife enthusiast, Kyocera also offers a Damascus-look pocket knife. This makes a great gift for collectors! These ceramic knives feature ergonomic, stainless steel handles inlaid with rosewood or carbon fiber. Its smooth, round contours fit comfortably in any size hands, with a precision liner lock for convenient one-handed opening and closing. The Damascus-look pocket knife also comes with all the nonstick, ultra-sharp benefits of Kyocera Advanced Ceramics.

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