Kyocera Introduces a Ceramic Knife Sharpener for the Home

Kyocera Ceramic Knife Sharpener For The Home The Kyocera Corporation is pleased to announce the US market release of its Electric Diamond Sharpener (Model # DS-50, MSRP: $79.95), featuring a grinding stone that can sharpen chips up to 0.5mm deep.

Knives for general consumers are today made from a range of materials, including metals such as stainless steel and titan and ceramics. Kyocera’s battery-powered Electric Diamond Sharpener makes it easy to care at home not only metallic knives but also Kyocera’s fine ceramic knives. The guide slot and assist roller make for easy and precise at-home sharpening.

Kyocera will continue to offer knife sharpening through mail order. Visit our website for more information:

Kyocera Corporation released Roll Sharpener, a simplified metallic knife sharpener that employed a rotating grinding stone made of ceramics, in 1989. Roll Sharpener allows users to easily grind knives simply by pressing the blade of a metallic knife on the grinding stone and moving it back and forth. In the 18 years since then, Kyocera Corporation has sold more than three million Roll Sharpeners enjoying enduring popularity.

Roll Sharpener is a sharpener for metallic knives. Recently, however, knives made from other materials have been developed for household use. This requires a knife sharpener that makes it easy to sharpen knives with non-metallic blades. In particular, in addition to the features of lightness and lasting sharpness, new sales channels and lower prices in recent years have led to increase demand for Kyocera’s fine ceramic knives. In the last fiscal year, from April 2006 to March 2007, Kyocera Corporation recorded annual sales of more than 500,000 fine ceramic knives, which are now widely used in the home. A blade made from fine ceramics consists of very hard materials, however, making it difficult for home users to keep the knives sharp. For maintenance, Kyocera Corporation previously asked customers to send the knife into a service center, where it provided grinding services using a special grinding device employing diamonds. Now, Kyocera Corporation is making the Diamond Sharpener available , responding to the needs of customers who want to sharpen the knives themselves at home.

Product features

1. Simple even for beginners
Sharpening the blade of the knife is easy . Simply place the sharpener on a flat table or other suitable location, steady it with one hand, insert the knife into the body slot (groove), and lightly and slowly slide the knife backwards several times.
2. Diamond grinding stones
The grinding stones use industrial diamonds, which feature excellent wear resistance with a high degree of hardness. This enables users to look after not only blades made from stainless steel and other steel metals, but also knives with blades made from other materials, such as ceramics.
3. Auto adjust function enables to completely sharpen a blade
The part which sharpens the blade is made from the intersection of two board-shaped grinding stones. The angle of the two grinding stones adjusts to fit with the thickness of the blade of the knife, to ensure that the blade fits the grinding stone and users do not need to adjust angles of the girding stones.
Auto adjust mechanism

Auto adjust mechanism

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