Kyocera Celebrates Washington’s Birthday With—What Else—Cherries!

As we celebrate George Washington’s Birthday this Presidents’ Day, we remember that Washington was much more than the face on the one-dollar bill.  He was the first president of the United States, a victorious general in the American Revolutionary War, and he cut down a cherry tree as a child . . . or did he?

As folklore has it, a young George Washington tested his new hatchet by chopping down his father’s prize cherry tree.  When George’s father asked what happened to the cherry tree, George was famously quoted as saying, “I can’t tell a lie,” and admitting to cutting the tree with his hatchet.  Instead of punishing George, George’s father embraced this brave display of honesty as compensation for the ruined tree.

Although this story was widely accepted since the turn of the 19th century, it is now largely considered the elaborate fabrication of bookseller M.L. Weems.  Mr. Weems’ best-selling George Washington biography, published just one year after Washington’s death, first contained the cherry tree story.  Modern historians believe Weems made up the moralistic story to help sell the biography—after all, who wouldn’t love the heroic tale of a little boy who made a mistake, told the truth, and then grew up to be the first American president?

Even if Washington’s cherry tree is just a tall tale, the story has a special place in the hearts of Americans, young and old.  That may be why February is also National Cherry Month in America, to celebrate patriotism, bravery, honesty, and of course, cherries!  This month, Kyocera pays homage to George Washington’s cherry tree with our no-bake cherry cheese pie recipe, sure to make mouths water all across the country!



8-oz package cream cheese, softened

14-oz can sweetened condensed milk

1/3 cup lemon juice

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 graham cracker crust, 8- or 9-inch

21-oz can cherry pie filling, chilled


In a large bowl, beat cream cheese until fluffy.  Slowly beat in condensed milk until mixture is smooth.  Then stir in lemon juice and vanilla extract.  Pour mixture into piecrust and chill approximately 4 hours or until center is set.  For easier serving with less mess, cut pie into individual slices, plate, and then top each piece with desired amount of cherry pie filling.

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