Reinvent Iced Tea With Kyocera’s Hot Summer Tips

Iced Tea

It’s hard to picture summertime without a refreshing glass of iced tea!  But for as old as tea is, did you know iced tea wasn’t always a summer staple?  Iced tea was born just 100 years ago in a desperate act of innovation.  At the St. Louis World’s Fair, tea enthusiast Richard Blechynden was eager to show off his hot tea, but nobody wanted to drink hot tea in a heat wave!  So he added ice to his tea, and it became an instant hit.  Now iced tea is available in coffeehouses and restaurants everywhere—you can even make it at home!

The key to home-brewing iced tea is to consider all the parts that go into the perfect glass.  Every part matters, from the water, to the tea leaves, to the sweetener, to those little extras.  The water forms the base of the entire tea, so it’s important for the water to have a pure, clean flavor.  For best results, start with quality bottled water or filtered water.

After you’ve picked your water, choose a tea.  Don’t limit yourself to the same old orange pekoe black tea.  Experiment with a variety of teas, including green tea, white tea, or jasmine tea.  You can use loose leaf tea or prepackaged tea bags.  And don’t forget herbal teas, such as tangerine, peach, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry.

Next comes the fun part: the sweetener.  Iced tea is naturally great for you, with high antioxidants and low sugar, so try not to overdo the sweet stuff.  Sweeten with sugar or honey, or, to cut back on calories, choose a zero-calorie sweetener.  For a touch of sweetness with some extra flavor, try adding some maple syrup.  And for sweetness with a lot of flavor, add your favorite fruit juice!  Popular juices include cranberry, grape, grapefruit, or apple, and lemonade is always a fan favorite.

As for those little extras, the possibilities are endless, so don’t skimp!  Extracts, such as orange, almond, or vanilla, add a bright pop of flavor.  Tossing in some frozen fruit, such as raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries, adds flavor and texture, and keeps the tea cold without diluting like ice can.  For even more flavor and color, use your favorite Kyocera advanced ceramic knife to slice up lemons, limes, oranges, apples, mangoes, or any other fresh fruit.

By following these tips, you’ll be brewing a delicious and creative glass of iced tea in no time!  That leaves your more time to relax by the pool.  And for more information on how you can use Kyocera advanced ceramics to slice and dice your way to perfect summer fruits and veggies, visit our website.

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