Carve Creative Centerpieces With Kyocera

Have you ever stared in awe at those decoratively carved fruit and vegetable centerpieces?  If you have, you know such eye-catching centerpieces make a statement at any occasion.  Fortunately, you don’t have to empty your wallet to turn heads at your own events.  Carved centerpieces are affordable and easier to make at home than you think!

Remember that sharp knives are great for more than just cooking!  Kyocera advanced ceramic knives are light, balanced, and easy to maneuver, plus their superior edge retention means they stay sharp ten times longer than other professional cutlery.  Sharp knives make for easier, precision cuts, which means you can slice and carve like a pro.

To explore your knives’ creative side, why not start simple?  For you ladies, here’s how to make a visually inspiring—and deceptively easy-to-make—centerpiece to add the perfect pop to any baby shower!



Kyocera chef’s knife

Kyocera paring knife

1 large, well-shaped watermelon

4 orange slices, 1-inch thick

2 red grapes, cut in half widthwise


Prepared fruit salad


1.  Cut a shallow, flat slice from the bottom of the watermelon so it will lie flat on the serving platter.  This slice should not cut into the red flesh of the watermelon!

2.  Use your knife to puncture a few holes in the bottom so the fruit juices won’t pool in the carriage during service.

3.  To form the carriage hood, locate the center of the watermelon’s top.  Across the watermelon’s width, make a vertical cut that goes halfway down the watermelon (see picture).

4.  To form the carriage sides, locate the center of one of the watermelon’s sides.  Across the watermelon’s length, make a horizontal cut that goes halfway through the watermelon (see picture).  This cut should meet with the cut for the carriage hood, to make one large piece that should be removed from the carriage and set aside.*

5.  Scoop out the watermelon flesh and add to fruit salad.

6.  Cut a carriage handle from the reserved large piece of watermelon shell.  Use toothpicks to attach the handle to the carriage.

7.  Use the orange slices to make wheels.  Attach each orange slice with a toothpick.  Cover each toothpick end with a grape hubcap.

8.  Fill the carriage with fruit salad and serve.

*Optional: To make a fancier carriage, make V-shaped cuts along the edges of the hood and sides (see picture).

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