Home Cooks and Chefs Love Kyocera Advanced Ceramics!

Have you heard what home cooks and chefs are saying about Kyocera advanced ceramic knives and kitchen tools? Our sharp and durable knives are recognized as the workhorse of the kitchen, making prep work and home-cooked meals simple and easy for years to come.

Chefs say:

“I love these ceramic tools. They’re incredibly sharp, slice after slice. Perfect for prep tasks and quick meals, they’re the ones I always reach for.” – Ming Tsai, Nationally acclaimed, Emmy-award-winning TV Host and Cookbook author

“I’m a professional chef and cooking school instructor, and I adore my Kyocera knives; I never miss an opportunity to demonstrate them to my students, and they frequently purchase them afterwards from the school. Thank you for making such superior products! (I love the salt mill, adjustable slicer, peeler, and scraper too!)” – Chef Amelia Hard, Portland, OR

“I just got your peeler today. I love the shape; it’s just perfect the first time I held it. Peeling now is much easier. It just glides and it peels cleanly . . . no bumps or bruising on the produce. With this peeler, you don’t need extra muscle to get the job done. Get rid of your old peelers, because this is the only thing you’ll ever need. Thanks for a great product.” – Chef Michael Ong, Evans, GA

Home cooks say:

“My Kyocera Ceramic Nakiri Vegetable Cleaver, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love how you never ever get dull—never and when you do (about 1 or 2 times a year) I send you off to some strange little shop in Irvine along with $10 and you come back resharpened with all the nicks honed out. I love how you can slice a garlic clove as thin as Ray Liotta was able to in that great jail cell scene in Goodfellas. I love how I can cut perfect geometric squares out of diamond hard celeriac. But most of all I love how easy you make every single cutting job known to man. You, my black Kyocera vegetable cleaver, are even more dear to me than my 33-year-old ginsu knife.” –Paul Mones, The Huffington Post

“I am grateful for my slicers—dinnertime has become a lot easier thanks to these tools. Which means more time to enjoy the food before me.” –Stephanie Dickison, Toronto, Ontario

“I have three of your ceramic knives. The first one I got I have had for a while and have already sent back to you for resharpening once. These are absolutely the best knives I have ever used. I cannot function without them now and use them for everything. Everyone who comes into my kitchen asks me about them and I tell them how fabulous they are. Thank you for a REALLY great product!” –Susanne Speh, Inverness, CA

“I am a raw food vegetarian. I have been using KYOTOP for years to cut my organic vegetables. I am so grateful for the purity of the ceramic blade. I have sent in this knife for resharpening. The service is prompt and beloved knife was restored to diamond sharpness.” –Pat Friend, Pauma Valley, CA

Ready to see what everyone is talking about? Visit our online store to view our extensive collection of Kyocera advanced ceramic cutlery and kitchen accessories. We have knives and tools perfect for every kitchen. And if you already use and love Kyocera, we want to hear from you! Send us your testimonial here so others can read how Kyocera has transformed your kitchen.

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