How to Cut Boneless Steaks Like an Expert

If you have ever come across the term “slice against the grain” and not known exactly what it means, you are not alone. It is rarely explained and can often be confusing to those of us who are not proficient in meat preparation or the culinary terms designed to instruct us.

The following is a comprehensive guide to cutting boneless meats that is easy to follow and will have you slicing steaks with your ceramic knife like a pro in just a few simple steps.

A quick guide to cutting boneless meats like an expert:

Flank steak, skirt steak, brisket and London broil are all meats that have a distinctive line to them. These lines are tissue fibers running through the meat and when left uncut can be difficult to chew and swallow, making an otherwise tender cut of meat seem tough.

These lines usually run in the direction from right to left down the length of the steak. This is where the term “cutting against the grain” comes in. By slicing across these lines in the opposite direction you will be able to separate the connective tissue and serve a tender cut of meat.

It is recommended to slice these meats at a 45-degree angle unless the steak’s cut is extra thin and cutting at an angle is not possible.

Additional tips for cutting beef:
•    Cut across the grain of meat whenever possible.
•    Use a sharp ceramic knife for speed and elegant presentation.
•    Keep the cutting board firmly in place to avoid slipping accidents. (Trick: place a damp paper towel underneath the cutting board to keep the board from sliding.)
•    Clean the board thoroughly to avoid unhealthy bacteria.

There are many reasons to pick the Kyocera knife as an alternative to the standard stainless steel knives available on the market, but the precision it allows when cutting steaks is among the best.

Top reasons for using a Kyocera knife:
•    Comfortable easy to grip handle.
•    Razor-sharp blade.
•    Stays sharp 10 times longer than traditional knives.
•    Five year limited warranty.
•    More sanitary than stainless steel.

Kyocera ceramic knives are the ultimate cutting tools and work perfectly to cut through the fibrous tissues in many boneless meats. Our lightweight knives perform with razor sharp precision and with amazing ergonomic handles provide a comfortable and highly controlled grip.

Ceramic knives are a healthy alternative to steel knives because ceramic blades do not transfer metal ions, dirt or bacteria to food. They will also never corrode from acids or rust. At half the weight of a traditional steel knife, a ceramic knife becomes a comfortable extension of the hand and will turn you into an expert at cutting boneless steaks in no time.

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