Kyocera Ceramic Knives Join Chef Ming on The View


Kyocera Ceramic knives made an appearance on national TV on November 11, 2011, when Chef Ming Tsai cooked up some tasty dishes for the co-hosts of the ABC talk show The View before making Kyocera knives part of the positive “qi” on the set by presenting a ceramic knife gift set to panel moderator Whoopi Goldberg.

Ming Tsai gave Whoopi a pair of white-bladed 5.5-in. Revolution Santoku and 3-in. ergonomic paring knives.

“Whoopi, I know you’re going to be a hell of a chef one day, so I’m giving you a set of my ceramic knives,” Ming told the ebullient TV personality. Along with the knives, Ming Tsai also presented Goldberg with a coin.

“In Chinese culture, you never give a knife without also giving a coin or other hard piece of metal so that you don’t ‘cut’ the friendship,” he said.

To watch the segment, click here.  The Kyocera knives gift presentation occurs at 21:57 in the show.

To order your own set of the knives that Chef Ming gave to Whoopi, click here.


Chef Ming cooked up a “foodie-tastic” menu of chow mein, pot stickers and pork fried rice for Goldberg and co-hosts Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Sherri Shepherd.

  • Chicken and Tri-Bell Pepper Chow Mein — boneless, skinless chicken breasts, chow mein or Shanghai noodles, bell peppers)
  • Pork and Ginger Pot Sticker Dumplings — cabbage, ground pork
  • Three Chile Dipping Sauce — Thai bird chiles, soy sauce, jalapenos
  • Chicken Salad Chinoise (straining seive) — chicken (kosher, organic or free range), cashews, cabbage, radicchio, carrots
  • Pork Fried Rice (eggs, garlic, ginger, ground pork, scallions sliced, long grain rice

To get the full recipes, click here.

Chef Ming Tsai

Ming Tsai is a chef, restaurateur, author, TV/new media host and producer of his Emmy Award winning cooking show, product developer and “East-West lifestyle” expert.

Since 2002, he has officially endorsed Kyocera’s entire line of culinary products, promoting the benefits of advanced ceramics in a kitchen setting.

As a celebrated East-West chef with a degree in mechanical engineering, Ming extols the advanced technology of Kyocera’s products, as with their application in both the professional and home kitchen.

States Ming, “the first time I picked up a ceramic knife, I immediately fell in love with the incredibly sharp edge, balanced design and how it stays sharp chop after chop and slice after slice.  I am always excited in helping find new ceramic applications for the home kitchen.”

Ming not only cooks East-West, but also lives East-West.  Just as his food is all about finding balance and harmony, Ming strives to do that in his daily life.  He believes that being mindful of Feng Shui and designing one’s living and work space within its principles keeps the positive energy flowing.

Ming regularly receives acupuncture to treat the aches and pains of being a chef and keep himself balanced and healthy. Yoga and frequent squash matches relieve stress, quiet the mind and allow Ming to stay in shape.

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