Season’s Giftings from Kyocera: Gift Guide #2

In our first gift guide, we showcased Oprah’s favorite two-piece Santoku knife and paring knife set.  That gift set is part of Kyocera’s Revolution series, our most popular line of knives.  If you like the Revolution series, you’ll love today’s featured gift from Kyocera: The Everything Peeler and Revolution series 4.5-inch utility knife.

The Everything Peeler brings an ultra-sharp advanced ceramic blade to the classic upright peeler design.  This versatile kitchen tool can tackle all peeling projects from carrots, cheese, chocolate—even unblanched tomatoes—and is perfect for creating french green beans.  The Everything Peeler features an ergonomic handle and lightweight design for maximum comfort and ease of use.

Kyocera’s 4.5-inch utility knife combines the lightweight comfort of The Everything Peeler with the deep blades of the Revolution series, making for a maneuverable blade with reduced risk of knuckle nicks.  This knife is ideal for everyday use on fresh fruits and vegetables.  Because it’s ceramic, metal ions won’t transfer to food and leave a metallic aftertaste.  Kyocera’s utility knife also features precision sharpness and is impervious to acid, juice, oil, salt, and other elements, which means it will never rust.

See what the buzz around Kyocera’s ceramic kitchen tools is all about!  What better way to start than with a Kyocera gift set?  The Everything Peeler and Revolution series 4.5-inch utility knife set features red or black handles to complement any kitchen, and it makes a great gift for the culinary enthusiast in your life.  Visit our online cutlery store to see this and other fine advanced ceramics products!

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